Professor Malachy Friedman is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the legendary Master Ricardo Liborio, Carlson Gracie lineage. He is adept in multiple fight disciplines including MMA, boxing, kick-boxing and wrestling. Malachy trained since 2001, spent 13 years at the #1 MMA training camp in the country. While at headquarters, Malachy coached the late, great Kimbo Slice to his win against Ken Shamrock at Bellator. He also cornered and coached UFC fighters, BJJ competitors, and hundreds of newcomers to the sport. In addition to coaching, Malachy is both a strategist and innovator in the sport, having created video instructionals, The Darce Killer, The HeisenGuard and Flower Power. He is a regular contributor to Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. In 2015, Malachy brought his experience and knowledge back to his hometown of Charleston where he owns and operates Black Label with his wife, Sarah. Malachy also owns Black Label Jiu-Jitsu Competition Team and teaches the same techniques in Women’s Self Defense that he wants his wife and daughter to know.


Coach Johnny (left) 10X World Champion Bruno Malfacine (right) 2019 ​

Former 2001 USA wrestling South Carolina Greco State champion, Johnny Prioleau holds multiple wrestling awards from North Charleston high school and was an All State wrestler in 2002. After September 11 2001, Johnny Prioleau decided to join the military after his high school graduation and join the delayed enlistment program. Johnny Prioleau served as airman in USAF from 2002 -2006 and was deployed twice in support of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. After a long hiatus from competition and weight gain Johnny found BJJ in 2014. In 2018 Johnny Prioleau received his purple belt from Professor Malachy Friedman. Johnny combines his passion for Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu with his love of teaching children in his role as Black Label’s Wrestling Instructor.